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Cat Care Wednesdays

Cat Care Wednesdays

We believe preventative care is just as important for our cats as for our canine friends. Although most cats spend their days lounging, sleeping and eating, they may be hiding the beginnings of underlying disease or illness. A recent survey by the American Animal Hospital Association found that while approximately 85% of dog owners brought their pet to the vet for annual wellness check-ups, only approximately 55% of cat owners followed these recommendations. Most of the time our kitties won’t share or show any signs of having any pain, discomfort or illness until their condition has become more severe. Preventative health care can help our cats live longer, healthier, and happier lives.

For our cat care Wednesday we would like to offer our new cat friends a first free exam (this is for new and existing clients, for new cat patients, limit 2 cats) as well as a care package for safe and easy travel!

Cat Care Kit includes:

  • FREE Cat carrier
  • Feline dental chews and Ora-Clens wipes
  • FREE oral exam and dental recommendations
  • 10% off Feline leukemia and Feline AIDS testing!
  • 10% off all feline Vaccinations!
  • FREE Cat toy
  • FREE cat nail trim
  • Pet health care information packet