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  • What’s all the fuss about Leptosporosis?
    Leptospirosis, or lepto as it is commonly called, is an emerging infectious disease that poses a risk to both pets and humans. It is also zoonotic, meaning it can be transmitted from Read more
  • What is a Pyometra?
    Pyometra is an infection of the uterus.  It is an emergency, life-threatening condition that commonly occurs in older female dogs that have not been speyed. Each time an entire female dog Read more
  • Why is my pets eye red and bulging? By Dr. Amy Long Goulart
    Glaucoma is a disease of both pets and people that occurs from an increase in pressure within the eyeball resulting in pain and blindness. Glaucoma is treated with drugs, surgery, Read more
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain Therapy by Dr. Cheryl Thur
    Osteoarthritis (also known as arthritis) is a common ailment in many of our aging pets, with both cats and dogs being affected in high numbers. Often, it is a degenerative Read more
  • Dentistry and Oral Health by Dr. Nate
    Proper dental care is as important in our pets as it is in humans. Dental disease can not only cause pain, and oral disease, but also adversely affect the heart, Read more
  • Toxoplasmosis
    We get a lot of questions and concerns regarding cats and Toxoplasmosis, especially in owners who have become pregnant and may be worried about how this disease could affect the Read more
  • How to Get rid of Ticks on your pets
    Be sure to perform a tick check often and remove ticks promptly to help prevent disease transmission. The best way to find ticks on your pet is to run your hands Read more
  • Rattlesnakes: What to do if your pet is bit.
    Spring is here! Exciting as this may be, it also means the beginning of rattlesnake season in northern California. Dogs are at risk for rattlesnake bites and are about 20 Read more
  • What does it mean to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association?
    When you hear the phrase “we are an AAHA accredited hospital” you probably think it’s just a paid membership? In reality, this voluntary accreditation is not easy to achieve - Read more
  • 10 Ways You Can Make Veterinary Visits Better for Everyone
    1. Be Present. The individual with the most amount of knowledge with the pet should be present. A thorough history is invaluable to a veterinarian in discussing treatment, diagnostics and Read more
  • New Product: Vectra & Vectra 3D
    New Product: Vectra & Vectra 3D Vectra and Vectra 3D are two products new to Parktown. While both products kill fleas at all stages, and prevent future infestations, only Vectra is Read more
  • The Dangers of Easter Grass
    The Dangers of Easter Grass This Easter holiday, remember to use caution when it comes to pets and home décor. Plastic Easter grass is especially dangerous to cats and dogs who Read more
  • Lilies
    Lilies Lilies are beautiful flowers that are very common to have as a part of floral arrangements or as a part of Easter holiday decorations. What you may not realize is Read more
  • Distemper
    Distemper In the last year, Santa Cruz County has received over 400 reports of raccoon distemper. According to the Santa Cruz county animal shelter website, the numbers have started to spike Read more
  • Could Adequan help your pet?
    Could Adequan help your pet? About 20% of all adult dogs in the US suffer from arthritis. While there are many treatment options available, the best treatment is to approach the Read more
  • Dental Care
    Dental Care Regular dental cleanings are important for people, but did you know they are just as important for our pets? Just like human dentists, at Parktown we use ultrasonic scalers Read more