• When is Tick Season in California?
    When is Tick Season in California? Unlike the northeast where tick season tends to be in the warm months, California can see ticks year round. A recent study published in a journal Read more
  • Importance of Wellness Lab Testing
    Importance of Wellness Lab Testing Have you ever noticed that unlike most humans, our dogs and cats don’t really complain? Our pets show a relative lack of complaining in sickness or in Read more
  • Chocolate Toxicity
    Chocolate Toxicity Would it surprise you that chocolate toxicity is the most common toxicity that we see? Well, it is. Many people are well aware that chocolate is toxic to dogs Read more
  • Give the Gift of Good Health!
    Give the Gift of Good Health! As the holiday season approaches, remember that Parktown offers holiday gift cards that allow you to give your friends and family the gift of health Read more
  • Benefits of Walking with your Pets
    Benefits of Walking with your Pets Aside from providing a health benefit for ourselves, walking your pet can help your pet’s health in many ways. Some of these benefits include keeping your Read more
  • The Dangers of Rattlesnakes: Protect your Pet!
    The Dangers of Rattlesnakes: Protect your Pet! Rattlesnakes are out and about in the spring, summer, and fall in our area. On average, Parktown Veterinary Clinic sees 5-6 bite wounds per Read more
  • Foxtails
    Foxtails If you are unfamiliar with foxtails, now is the time to learn about them! These annoying and potentially dangerous plant awns grow throughout California and are especially pesky during the Read more
  • Heat Stroke
      Heat Stroke The dog days of summer are here! As it heats up outside, make sure your furry loved ones keep cool and have plenty of fresh water available. Everyone Read more
  • Top 10 Poisonous Plants
    The top 10 poisonings for dogs and cats as reported by the Veterinary Pet Insurance Company are: Raisins and grapes Mushrooms Marijuana Lilies Walnuts Onion Sago Palm Macadamia Nuts Azaleas Hydrangeas - Raisins and grapes can cause kidney failure in some Read more
  • Vaccination: What’s Needed?
    Vaccines are an important way we can protect our pets from contagious diseases. It is frustrating to see animals with preventable illnesses, such as parvo virus. Parvo virus is a Read more
  • Obesity Causes Other Issues
    Pet obesity remains a major contributing factor to health problems in our pets. Recent veterinary surveys estimate that approximately 55% of pets are clinically obese. Problems including joint disease, diabetes, Read more
  • Join In Our Support
    Parktown is proud to be participating in the Humane Society Silicon Valley Pet Pantry Program. You can make a difference in the lives of hundreds of dogs, cats and humans Read more
  • How to Protect Your Dog from Parvovirus
    Vomiting, diarrhea, and lethargy are all common signs of canine parvovirus. This virus infects unvaccinated dogs and is life threatening. Recent news reports have highlighted an increase in the number Read more
  • Introducing Dr. Cheryl Thur
    Dr. Cheryl Thur has been practicing veterinary medicine for almost 4 years now.  She graduated from Washington State University with her DVM degree in 2010 and prior to that received Read more