Wellness Services


Regular physical examination is extremely important for your pet. Our veterinarians recommend a complete physical examination for your pet annually, and bi-annually for our senior patients. Whether coming to Parktown Veterinary Clinic for an illness or an early detection visit, your pet will be given a thorough physical examination in order to assess their condition.

This examination includes inspection of the ears, evaluation of the eyes and your pet’s vision, inspection of the teeth, palpation of the lymph nodes, evaluation of the heart and lungs, examination of the fur and skin, a musculoskeletal evaluation, and palpation of the abdominal organs. Our examinations can detect a variety of illnesses and prevent many diseases, which may cause discomfort for your pet and become costly to treat. Routine examinations give your veterinarian an opportunity to develop a picture of your pet's overall health. Examinations are also essential in spotting problems before they become serious health issues. During the consultation, we will also talk with you about home health care for your pet.


We encourage the use of microchips to give your pet an additional source of identification in the unfortunate event he or she is lost. Microchips are also useful, and often required, if your pet is traveling outside the country.

To microchip your pet, we inject a tiny computer chip - about the size of a grain of rice - just under your pet's skin between the shoulder blades. Should your pet be lost and found, you'll be promptly reunited. Microchips are often injected at the time of spay or neuter. Parktown Veterinary Clinic uses the ResQ microchip system, which has no annual fee.

Traveling with Your Pet

All of our doctors are USDA accredited veterinarians and can provide you with a valid certificate of health to be used for travel with your pet, whether domestic or internationally. Prior to your visit with us, we recommend you're fully aware of the requirements of the country you're traveling to and the airline you're traveling with.

Diagnostic Laboratory

If your pet requires blood or fluid analysis, Parktown Veterinary Clinic can provide you with this service. We maintain a fully-equipped laboratory with trained and gentle technicians who acquire samples with a minimal amount of discomfort and stress to your pet. In most cases, results are returned either same day or within 24 hours (limited by the time of the actual test itself). When the results are available, we provide you with an opportunity to discuss them with one of our veterinarians so you completely understand and recommend a medical treatment plan if necessary.

In addition to blood and fluid analysis, we are equipped to perform fecal examinations, cytology, and external parasite evaluation and bacteriological analysis from skin and ear scrapings.


Vaccines create antibodies which protect your pet from disease. Up-to-date vaccinations play a large part in keeping your pet healthy and free from disease. However, not every pet requires the same series or frequency of vaccines.

Our veterinarians tailor a vaccine protocol that is specific to your pet based on his or her lifestyle and immune status. Blood tests are also available to check your pets “titer” or blood antibody level, in cases where owners would like to further customize their pets vaccine protocol. These tests can be discussed more in-depth with the doctor at the time of your pets exam.