1. Do I have to have an appointment?

Yes, we prefer that you have an appointment. Walk-in appointments will be seen after scheduled appointments. If you have an emergency, you will be fit into the appointment schedule based on the extremity of the problem.

2. Can I just drop off my pet and pick him/her up after work?

We do take drop-off appointments. However, there will be a cage fee charged in addition to services performed.

3. Can I make payments toward my pet's services and do you send bills.

No, we don't bill or accept payments spread over time. Payment is required at the conclusion of services. We do take Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover for your convenience. We also accept Care Credit.

4. What does a physical exam include?

A physical examination is recommended yearly to better ensure your pet's health. The exam includes the doctor checking your pet's eyes, ears, mouth/gums, teeth, lungs, heart and skin.

5. When does a cat/dog go into heat?

The heat cycle is the mating period for female animals. Most cats go into heat between five and ten months of age. Dog's generally have their first heat cycle between six and twelve months. Some large breed dogs don't go into heat until their are over one year of age. Cats generally have their heat cycles in the spring and summer. Dogs cycle every six to nine months.

6. How long are cats and dogs pregnant?

Cats gestational period is usually 63-65 days. A dog's gestation is normally 63 days.

7. Should I let my pet have a litter before being spayed?

There is no reason to let your pet have a litter before being spaying. This is an old wives tale and is actually opposite of the truth. It is advantageous to have your pet spayed early, before their first heat cycle.

8. Can I see a specific doctor when I bring my pet in for an exam?

Yes, as long as you are specific with the receptionist as to which doctor you prefer. The receptionist will try to schedule your appointment on the correct day and time as to see the doctor you prefer.