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“Everyone is super polite and loves animals. Treats my dog with respect and listens to my concerns. I also love that I can text the vet tech for quick questions and they have an app for scheduling with a points reward system for discounts”

​​​Vivi T.

"After being up since 5 am with my dog Blue shaking his head every minute, crying, and scratching his ears till they bled, I called all the vets around my new home in Fremont HOPING someone would take my boy in.. nowhere could accommodate so I decided to try elsewhere and drive further. I was recommended ParkTown Vet by my old boss And decided to give them a call. Not only did they take him in on short notice, and as a new patient… they went over pricing beforehand and did not try to add any extra charges that were unnecessary (which is common to have a huge bill in the end from most vets these days) From the front staff to the doctor and the techs everyone was so nice!!!! I personally worked at a vet clinic for 3 years, and their prices were fair and not too pricey at all… seeing how I was an emergency appointment I honestly expected to take a huge hit. The doctor listened, was not pushy, and did not make me feel like they were out for my money. Everyone knows how that feels. Even tho Blue had to be sedated for his ear cleaning (I requested it since he’s difficult) I felt he was in good caring hands. So thank you Parktown Veterinary for such a smooth and fast appointment. Blues ears thank you!!!!!"

Breana K.

“Parktown Vet cared for my sweet baby in her final moments as if she was their own. Their compassion and commitment to care helped me during the most difficult decision. The doctor along with all the staff was caring, kind, patient, and honest. My senior baby got exceptional care. I wish I found this place soon. I will be switching vets for my other fur babies. Thank you so much to the staff for everything you did for me and my baby Waffle.”

Sandy P.

“This clinic is a blessing for me and my little girl from the day I adopted her (5 years). The staff is super caring, super nice, and super patient. They even took care of my cat when I needed daycare. This place gives me always the peace of mind that my little girl is in safe hands!”

Yasmin S.

“We've been going to Parktown since 2008. Staff is knowledgeable and friendly. The vets really love and care for the pets. They'll present options and explain the risks and benefits. You also don't get the sense that they're trying to upsell you on unnecessary services.”

Joyce L.

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